The Family Reunion, Part One: Meet the Manor House.

Yesterday, we got back from The Big Ganssle Family Reunion in Cape May, NJ. It was a lovely time, full of relaxation, togetherness, and junk food. Oh, and pictures.

Here it is, the Manor House, where you can see we in the Ganssle Clan have already left our mark. Our messy, messy mark.

Apparently, the Manor House has some significance. Tours going by would often indicate said house. Usually while we were on the porch being messy, messy slobs. I’m sure we were great for the town’s image.

Here’s the lobby of the manor house. See that angel (or possibly fairy) lamp thing on the bannister? The first seven or eight times I came down the stairs, I thought it was attached. It’s not. So I then had this paranoid vision of myself trying to grab onto it to swing around, and instead knocking it over and breaking what was (probably) a Very Expensive Angel (Or Possibly Fairy) Lamp Thing. It never happened, but it still brought a healthy dose of fear to my vacation, which is important.

The little garden patio thing in the backyard, a lovely place to sit and relax with family members.

The view from the top of the stairs outside the back of the house. You can *almost* see the beach from here, but not quite. Stupid other buildings.

The porch, put to good use.

It’s hard to see because of the glare off of the horse’s whatchamacallit, but this is one of those horse-drawn tour buses that insisted on calling everyone’s attention to the porch where we were attempting to be lazy.

Coming soon: Pictures of places in Cape May that AREN’T the Manor House.

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