When I buy you bathroom tissue, I always get the two-ply.

This morning, iTunes listeners were treated to Mr. Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new single, “Whatever You Like”, a parody of a song by some chap named T.I., which apparently is also called “Whatever You Like”. (It was supposed to be released for iTunes yesterday morning, but was delayed because apparently the iTunes staff is, according to one report, “gay”, “retarded”, and “a bunch of smelly doo-doo heads”.

I wasn’t familiar with the original song before this week (I did check out the video on those dang YouTubes as soon as I heard what the parody subject would be), and it’s interesting that this is Al’s first parody that has the exact same name as the original song. What’s even more interesting, however, is that, as I recall, this is Al’s first really “topical” parody since “Headline News”. I imagine this one will have a slightly better shelf life, however, as the topic (the economy) is a bit more universal than the previous’ song’s topic (specific overexposed news stories).

Anyway, it’s pretty good. It’s no “White and Nerdy” (or even “Living with a Hernia”, IMO), but it’s quite amusing, and average Al is better than no Al.

EDIT: In other song parody news, this literal interpretation of a-ha’s “Take On Me” video had me laughing out loud.

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