A winner is me!

I worked a couple of freelance gigs recently–videography for concerts, videography for plays, dogsitting, the like–so I’ve been accumulating some delightfully unexpected income. Normally I’d spread this money throughout the various facets of my budget (loans, saving for a car, funds for my crippling addiction to Vanilla Coke), but once I realized the amount of money I got was just enough, I said, screw it, this is all going to one place.

That’s right. Last night, I officially paid off one of my six student loans.

This should have been a very exciting moment, right? Sure, I still have five other loans to pay off, but this freed up a good chunk of my monthly budget! One less Sword of Damocles hanging over my head! And yet, the whole thing was just kinda…anticlimactic.

The real problem is that, since loan payments don’t get processed right away, there was no indication on the site that I was done with the loan. It still treated me like nothing had changed, and I still owed them the money. Just back to the default screen. I mean, I didn’t expect a parade, but it would have been nice to be conglaturated for the fact that I completed a great loan and prooved the justice of our culture.

It was good to be done with the loan, but it didn’t quite feel real. Fortunately, when I logged on to the site this morning, there, staring at me majestically, were the words “LOAN CLOSED” in the tiniest font imaginable.

Oh, yeah. Vindication.

I’m glad I have one loan paid off, even if it was just the $1000 one. Hopefully the next $21,000 comes just as easily!

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