Paul and Storm in Orlando

On Friday, February 17, I attended a Paul and Storm concert at the Backbooth in downtown Orlando. It was the first time I’ve ever seen them on their own, with no Jonathan Coulton or w00tstockers. It was also probably the smallest crowd I’ve ever seen them with (and the dirtiest venue I’ve ever seen them in), but their show was just as hilarious and high-energy as ever.

Sadly, I didn’t have the battery life (or the arm stamina) to record the entire show, but I got quite a few choice moments below:

First off, some introductory banter, and a performance of “Opening Band” with SO many interruptions, you’d SWEAR it was a performance of “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament”!

Next was an almost brand-spanking new song which reflected the viewpoints of many a nerd. While the subject in question doesn’t affect me personally (I swear, I’ll start reading that series sometime!), I definitely recognized the emotions.

Then there was a rousing performance of one of my favorites, “Nugget Man”. I apologize for my attempts to sing along.

Next, “The Easter Song”, which isn’t necessarily one of my VERY favorites, but it DOES contain a line that makes me giggle almost every single time. (The word in Aramaic for “Apostles”…)

Next, we celebrated the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Elvis Aaron Presley.

I turned the camera off for a while to save battery, missing some great stuff like the Mother’s Day song, and the invention of Mr. Nasa and Sad Scientist, but as soon as they mentioned trying to write a hit Christmas novelty song I turned the camera back on because I knew “Grandma’s Christmas Dinner” was coming and wanted to make sure the camera heard the reactions of the Paul and Storm virgins. (Turns out the reaction was mostly stunned silence. So much for hearing.)

“Nun Fight” never ceases to amaze me.

“Thanksgiving”, another nerd rage plea against a franchise-creating George.

As an oldest child with siblings who are my intellectual and physical superiors, “A Better Version Of You” has always been another of my favorite Paul and Storm songs.

As soon as Storm said we looked like a crowd that liked musicals, I turned the camera on again in anticipation of my VERY favorite Paul and Storm song.

Finally, we have a little bit of banter from “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament”. Sadly, this was all I got of the long-winded fan favorite before my battery died. So I was forced to simply laugh and enjoy the rest of the show on my own without frantically attempting to preserve it for future generations. Ah well, what can you do.

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