BLITZSTRAVAGANZA #1-4: Dave Does Legoland

Miss me doing Disney? Well, check out my new BLITZSTRAVAGANZA, where I do all SORTS of Florida parks, starting with LEGOLAND Florida!

#1: Legoland Introduction
Of all the numerous theme parks in Central Florida, we’re gonna look at some of the ones least owned by Disney! Starting with this new one built on top of an old one out of plastic toys!

#2: Legoland Florida’s West Side
Carousels, Wild Mice, and Pirate-Free Pirates Coves!

#3: Legoland’s Imagination Zone and Lego City
Want your kids to learn about video games, underage driving, and incompetent fire safety? These are the lands for you!

#4: Legoland’s Land of Adventure, Lego Kingdoms, and Miniland
We wrap up Legoland with some totally-not-Disney lands and some models of buildings you’ve seen before!

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