The Blitzstravaganza returns to Orlando for Sea World!

#11: SeaWorld Introduction
A little taste of the sea in the middle of a very landlocked city!

#12: Manta, Key West, and Blue Horizons
Float like a sting ray, sting like a dolphin. Or something.

#13: TurtleTrek, Journey to Atlantis, and the Waterfront
Hey, a couple of attractions similar to those you might find at a normal theme park!

#14: Clyde and Seamore and Allure
Sea Lions, Sharks, and Cirque du Sea Life!

#15: Sea Garden, Happy Harbor, and Wild Arctic
All you can eat pizza right before a bumpy motion simulator? Sign me up!

#16: Shamu Stadium and SeaWorld Conclusion
A place where people can pregame their Mango Joe’s meal.

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