Review: Alpocalypse


After some uploading trouble, this review is FINALLY up: I take a slightly in-depth look at the latest from “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about Alpocalypse! And if you don’t own it already, what are you waiting for?

If you’re wondering EXACTLY how I feel about “Party in the USA”, this post should clear things up.

Also, check out the fan-made “Polka Face” video, to hold you over for the official one!

Making Sense of Miley: An analysis of the lyrics to “Party in the USA”

For those who haven’t heard, I’m back in New Haven for the summer, beginning to raise money for my return to Orlando. My time in Orlando was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to returning, but right now, I’m happy to be in New Haven with the family (well, the parents, anyway, as Nick is in New Jersey for the summer and Lizzy only recently returned from doing relief work in Haiti).

For my last month or so in Orlando, I was spending a lot of time with good friends who have questionable different tastes in music, and as a result, I’ve been subjected to the song “Party in the USA” a lot. And I mean a LOT.

Now, I can enjoy a lot of different types of music. I love Bob Dylan, despite the fact that his voice often sounds like gravel caught in a lawnmower. But something about Miley Cyrus’ voice rubs me the wrong way. Sure, she’s not the MOST grating voice in pop music–that dubious honor probably goes to Ke-dollar-ha, although Lady Gaga (when in character and desperately trying to hide the fact that she has actual talent somewhere) gets honorable mention, as does Katy Perry. (And by the way, if I hear “Hot or Cold” one more time I’m going to strangle a walrus.) Still, Miley’s voice isn’t exactly what you could call “pleasant” with a straight face, and I suspect that the Disney Genetic Engeneering Lab programmed her this way as part of a failed viral marketing campaign for a Chip ‘N Dale reboot.

So after hearing it played so many times, I’ve started doing anything to distract myself from the music itself. In a final act of desperation, I tried actually listening to the lyrics, and trying to make sense of them. Continue reading

A boy forever young, a mediocre song forever in your head, a high school drama team forever awesome.

In a shocking (not really) turn of events, a great deal of my spring break this past week was spent at the ol’ high school, CHS. Even more surprising (not really), this was directly connected to the performance of the spring musical. The most unexpected part of all (not really) (it’s so easy to convey sarcasm in a text-only format) (not really) was that I was one of the camera operators for the DVD of said play, there at each performance.

And what musical masterpiece was selected for this year? “Peter Pan”! But which of the 427 musicals based on the beloved children’s story was used? Apparently, the only one we could afford! Which, by coincidence, is the one nobody has ever heard of! Continue reading

When I buy you bathroom tissue, I always get the two-ply.

This morning, iTunes listeners were treated to Mr. Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new single, “Whatever You Like”, a parody of a song by some chap named T.I., which apparently is also called “Whatever You Like”. (It was supposed to be released for iTunes yesterday morning, but was delayed because apparently the iTunes staff is, according to one report, “gay”, “retarded”, and “a bunch of smelly doo-doo heads”. Continue reading