Dave’s Obsession of the Moment: DORM LIFE – The Most Groundbreaking Webseries You Haven’t Seen

This college-set mockumentary changed the online storytelling game, all while remaining absolutely hilarious.

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My Favorite Rejection Letter

If you run in the sort of internet circles that would lead somebody to follow my work, you’re probably aware that Channel Awesome was accepting talent submissions recently. I submitted on a whim, not really expecting to be picked up…and just as I suspected, I was rejected. What I did NOT expect was the caveat.

That’s right, I was one of the top forty almost-accepteds.

I suspect the reason I did so well was the “At the Offices of Glee” sketch, as Rob Walker was one of the judges of the InVid contest that particular video did so well in, and when I spoke to him at ConnectiCon recently, he reiterated how much he loved that video. I also suspect one of the reasons I was edged out was my inability to stick to any sort of a schedule. (An inability I will hopefully grow out of very soon?)

I have no confirmation on either of these reasons; these are just my gut suspicions.

At any rate, I’m not at all disappointed–indeed, I’m rather proud that I was closer than I thought! Much as I enjoy and have been influenced by many TGWTG contributors, being on the site wasn’t an all-encompassing passionate dream of mine. I just figured I had nothing to lose by submitting to a site that would provide me with a significantly larger audience. But I’m still shocked when ANYONE tells me they watch my stuff, and I’m more than content as a Geekvision contributor.

I’m not familiar with every single producer who WAS accepted, but there are quite a few whose work I know well, including Geekvision colleagues and friends. And I can safely say, Josh, Jack, Tony, Jill, Dan, and Rantasmo are all the best at what they do, and they deserved the slots far more than I did. I’m sure the same is true of the other pickups, and I look forward to discovering their work.

As for me, I’m going to try to improve my workflow to allow for more regular production. Who knows, maybe I’ll be telling a different story after the NEXT talent pickup…