Interview: Doug and Rob Walker from


Here it is, my interview with That Guy With The Glasses himself, Doug Walker, and The Other Guy, Rob Walker. They were remarkably nice–I was one of at least four people who waited around to get a video with Doug after the several-hour-long autograph signing, and he accommodated every one of us.

This was my first time doing an interview like this, and I probably could have done a better job–I forgot a few of my questions (though I dropped a few that were answered during their panel), and I sometimes struggled to keep up with their improv banter (I would sit back and be entertained, before remembering that I was supposed to say stuff too), but this was still a blast, and I’m very grateful to Doug and Rob for giving me their time.

As expected, this interview contains some swearing and some jokes that you may not find appropriate, so I decided to also provide a “clean” version. Because I care.