Patron Exclusives Masterpost

Here are links to all of the Patron-exclusive bonuses! Bookmark this page; it’ll be updated as things change!

Dave Does Disney Episode 1: The Magic Kingdom
Dave Does Disney Episode 2: EPCOT
Dave Does Disney Episode 3: Animal Kingdom
Dave Does Disney Episode 4: The Stuff I Missed
Dave Does Disney Episode 5: The Stuff That Changed
Dave Does Disney Episode 6: Hollywood Studios
Dave Does Disney Episode 7: The Other Stuff
Dave Does Disney Episode 8: New Fantasyland Enchanted Forest
Dave Does Disney: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
Dave Does Disney: The GRAND FINALE
Blitzstravaganza #1-4: Legoland
Blitzstravaganza #5-10: Busch Gardens
Blitzstravaganza #11-16: SeaWorld
Blitzstravaganza #17-24: Universal Studios Florida
Blitzstravaganza #25-31: Universal’s Islands of Adventure
Sketch: Sibling Rivalry
Sketch: Study Break
Song: New Moon
Sketch: How to Wwebsite
Short Film: Greener Grass
VIDEO COMMENTARY: The Artie Saga Part I, Part II, Deleted Scenes, or The Whole Thing
FANTASMIC! With Tony and Charlie (also available publicly as three separate videos but EXCLUSIVE TO YOU as a single file!)

Road to Success: The Jesse Thomas Story (2003)
Back to School (2004)
CHS: The Ultimate Experience (2004)
A Christmas Carol (2004)
Attack of the Kingsmen (2005)
Vidcon Less Than Famous Panel Audition 2016
Escape (2003)
Untitled Walking Sketch (2010)

Dr. Fixit Alternate Version (2014)
RAW FOOTAGE of my road trip to California – Day 0, Day 1, Day 2&3, Day 4, Day 5&6, and Day 7&8.
Stills from the upcoming Blitzstravafornia
RAW FOOTAGE: Dave Skins a Sultry Robot

Disneyland’s 60th! – 7/17/2015
Back to the Future Day – 10/21/2015
Dick Van Dyke’s 90th – 12/13/2015
Star Wars Launch Bay Meet and Greets – 6/27/2016
(all to be released publicly sometime in THE FUTURE)

Main Street at Disneyland
Fiddler Fifer and Practical on Buena Vista street at DCA
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

October 27 2018

Armchair Imagineering Episode 2 (Rough Cut)
How Dave Spent His Fall Part 1 (Rough Cut)
How Dave Spent His Fall Part 2 (Rough Cut)