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The ultimate geek flick: Batman vs. Dr. Horrible, directed by Edgar Wright, riffed by Mike Nelson.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This past weekend in San Diego was the infamous Comic-Con, perhaps the largest annual gathering of geeks in the world. But as I live on the wrong coast for the event, and could definitely not afford plane tickets to attend, my weekend of geekery, or “geekend”, had to be the weekend before. “Then why wait for a whole freaking week to blog about it,” you ask? Why, because (A) I’m a lazy bastard (come on, I thought you knew me by now) and (B) I’ve been too busy plowing through the rough draft of the “Austentatious” screenplay to do much other writing. But now I have a brief window of opportunity to discuss last geekend. (more…)