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The Family Reunion, Part Two: The Locale.

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

A few things have happened since my last post. For one thing, on Friday, there was a fire at the house next door. Who said the first day after a family vacation is always boring?

I was the only one home, so the neighbors had to come over and ask me to call 911 after they evacuated. Nobody was seriously hurt, but there was smoke pouring out all the windows and the chimney. The street was lined with fire trucks for a few hours, the most traffic our street has gotten in years.

All of this rendered the rest of the recent events–dropping Nick off at school on Saturday and finally caving in and buying the Relatively Bare-Bones Retail Edition of Season One of “Get Smart” on DVD for an impressive price the other day–sorta unimpressive. Still, I made a promise in my last blog post that this one would include more stuff from Cape May, and I am a man who keeps his promises. (more…)

The Family Reunion, Part One: Meet the Manor House.

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Yesterday, we got back from The Big Ganssle Family Reunion in Cape May, NJ. It was a lovely time, full of relaxation, togetherness, and junk food. Oh, and pictures. (more…)


Sunday, August 17th, 2008

On Monday, a product was released that seamlessly combines two of my true loves, two of the things that shaped me into the geek I am today: point-and-click adventure games, and Homestar Runner. Yes, Episode One of “Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People” premiered for the PC and Wii this week, and it’s everything you’d hope it would be. (more…)