“You…how…how did that just happen? That sentence?”

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It all comes down to this…

* Tyler tried out several different designs for the menu on the whiteboard before filming started. One included a menu item for fish and chips…and chips, and another included a sketch of a vaguely familiar-looking dragon named “Dagron the Stompinator”, with consumate Ms, beefy legs, and a little stick arm.
* I believe this episode marks the first time in the show’s run where we get a look–however small and out-of-focus–at the game itself.
* Riley shooting Zaboo’s laptop with the paintball gun is a simple effect, but I think it works really well. I actually forgot about that part when watching the episode for the first time and was slightly startled!
* You know how I’m always talking about how funny this show’s cast is? My favorite example of off-camera wit happened at this location, so I might as well share it now. Sandeep was talking about cell phone services, and mentioned Verizon. He pointed to the empty space behind him and say, “That’s my network. See, behind me? All those people and helicopters and shit?” I interjected with “I believe those are what we call hallucinations.” Sandeep looked behind him, looked at me, and said, “Really? Well, whatever you say, Giant Teddy Bear.”

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