TGWTG U-Con Panel, as recorded by someone else

So, I said in the past that I was going to try and get my footage from Doug and Rob’s panel at U-Con together and post it in a few days…but after examining the footage, way too much of it is completely unusable. People keep standing in the way, I keep moving position, too much camera shake…yeah, about half of the footage is good, and that’s not enough for me to be satisfied.

And besides, YouTube user “osurpless”, who was sitting near us and we spent some time hanging out with waiting for our interviews, already posted his footage on YouTube, so really, there’s no point in me adding mine. So here’s his footage, with a few minor notes from me:

Part One: At 8:59, you can hear me cracking a very obvious joke. I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry.

Part Two:

Part Three: At around fifteen minutes in, when the camera pans over to the Mr. T cosplayer, you can see me fiddling with my godawful mini-tripod, another indicator of why my footage ended up sucking.

Part Four:

Part Five: You can hear Nick shouting at 7:33, chiming in for the “great Bad Movie DVD commentaries” discussion.

Part Six: Once again you can hear Nick, at 0:27, requesting a Bum Review.

Part Seven:

The panel was a blast to attend, even if half of my footage sucked. Thanks again to Doug and Rob for letting me interview them!

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