Weird Al Concert 10/5/2011 – Highlights

What follows are the highlights from the show itself. Don’t forget to read the post about the evening as a whole.

    1. Typically, a Weird Al concert opens with a recording of “Fun Zone”, followed by a bit of channel-changing through random or strange clips, before landing on a montage of talk show hosts, starting with Johnny Carson, announcing Al’s name. For whatever reason, at this show the channel-changing happened about fifteen minutes before the show, but it was okay because it included Tommy Wiseau’s famous “You ah TEARING me APAHT, Lisa!” “Fun Zone” played at the normal time, but instead of the talk show montage, we got the Alpocalypse teaser.

  1. Between songs at an Al concert, several video clips are played in order to give the band time to change their costumes. Such clips include:
    • Clips from the AL-TV re-edited fake interviews with various pop stars, including Eminem, Jessica Simpson, Kevin Federline, Keith Richards, Robert Plant, Madonna, and Celine Dion
    • Al’s cameos on such shows and films as “The Simpsons”, “Johnny Bravo”, “Back at the Barnyard”, and “The Naked Gun”
    • Other shows that simply mentioned or parodied Al, such as a Jeopardy game where all the categories were named after Al’s songs, Fry refusing to release Al from cryogenic freezing, Hank Hill trying to discourage Bobby from being like Al, Michael Scott trying to get his girlfriend to admit she’s cheating by inviting her to a “Spice Girls opening for Weird Al” concert, and Ted Mosby and Marshall Eriksen telling The Blitz that they’re going to sync up “Apocalypse Now” with Al’s greatest hits (followed by a brief clip from the film set to “Bedrock Anthem”, which was awesome)
    • Internet videos, including Al’s own grammar policing, FunnyOrDie’s “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”, and CollegeHumor’s “And The Band Played On”.
  2. Al also generally performs one original song from an older album, for the die-hard fans. On this night, it was his Oingo Boingo style parody, “You Make Me”, which was a real treat. It’s one of my favorite “random list” songs of his, and he brought a lot of energy to it live.
  3. The usage of a Game Show Network Charles Nelson Reilly promo leading into “CNR” was brilliant, even if it means I’ve had the jingle stuck in my head for a week now.
  4. Al’s live impression of Jim Morrison for “Craigslist” is even more spacey and drugged-out than the recorded version. Also, the “Coffee Bean on San Vicente” line was replaced with a local reference, the “Drunken Monkey on Bumby Avenue”.
  5. While he didn’t sing the song, there was a clip from the “Jurassic Park” video. There was something special about hearing that while at Universal Studios.
  6. Speaking of special theme park connections, there were two references to That Other Theme Park Company That Has A Major Presence In Orlando. First was the performance of “Skipper Dan”, my favorite song from the album. You know you’re either in Orlando or Anaheim when the majority of the audience cheers not only at the reveal of the uniform, but also at the “Backside of Water” joke. The second reference was the inclusion of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” in the Yoda Chant, which was also met with cheers from all of us theme park geeks.
  7. Oh, and “The Saga Begins” was performed with Darth Vader and a line of stormtroopers, hanging out behind Al. They left between “Saga Begins” and “Yoda”, as Ruben played “Imperial March”‚Ķbefore segueing into the theme from “The Addams Family”.

Once again, those were just the highlights from the concert itself. The real evening highlights were yet to come…

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