General Post-2011 Life Update

While I generally scoff at the emphasis society places on arbitrarily-defined breaks between periods of planetary revolution, I can’t help but feel a bit reflective as 2012 begins.

I didn’t accomplish most of the specific goals I had in 2011. Dave Does Disney is STILL incomplete (which isn’t ENTIRELY my fault), and I haven’t finished most of the scripts I wanted to have done by now. And yet, I still had a fun and productive year. I raised the money I needed to continue working with Broken Phonebooth. I was a line producer on one short, and a first AC on another. I reconnected with old friends and made new ones.

And so far, this year is shaping up to be something interesting. I started taking a standup comedy class at the Orlando Improv. Broken Phonebooth’s sending me and a few other people to Kenya for a week at the end of the month. After that? The next phase in my life will begin.

My internship at Phonebooth officially ends this next month. I’ll probably do a little bit of freelance work for them afterward, but I will no longer have a regular salaried position. And it’s the first time in my life that I’m not waiting for something specific to happen–when I graduated high school, I was waiting for college. When I graduated college, I was waiting for the job at Phonebooth. And now that I’m done with that, the next step hasn’t been clearly and specifically laid out before me.

So that’s why I’m planning on officially moving to Los Angeles in August or September.

LA has always been in the back of my mind as an “in the future” thing, but like so many other “in the future” things, I didn’t know when it would actually happen. Well, why not this year?

Right now, my plan is to finish up my time here, stick around for one or two more months to wrap up my life (and maaaaaaybe find work here), head home for a little bit to scrounge up some savings and spend time with friends, and then make my way out west. Now, like all my plans, this one COULD change in an event such as famine or disease or California breaking off of the rest of the country and floating away aimlessly until it runs over Hawaii. But for now, this seems like a reasonable goal.

In the meantime, I’ll be begging people to help me pay off my student loans.

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