BLITZSTRAVAGANZA #5-10: Busch Gardens

The Blitzstravaganza continues by driving two hours south!

#5: Busch Gardens Introduction
It’s the greatest zoological park two hours southwest of Orlando to ever have previously been associated with a beer company!

#6: Morocco at Busch Gardens
We’re off on the road to Icesploration…

#7: Bird Gardens at Busch Gardens
The original garden! Birds, Australia in Africa, and shipwrecked pets!

#8: Sesame Street Safari of Fun at Busch Gardens
Hey, the map CAN tell me how to get there!

#9: Stanleyville, Jungala, Congo, and Timbuktu at Busch Gardens
Four lands in three minutes? Challenge accepted!

#10: Busch Gardens Conclusion
Nairobi, Egypt, and a comparison to Disney World’s third-or-fourth-most-beloved park!

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