A silly little “New Moon” cartoon I made out of boredom.

I know, I’m one movie late in releasing this. Bear with me. 😛

I started working on this goofy little project a few weeks before the release of “New Moon” last fall, but due to real-life events, I didn’t finish it before the release of the movie and decided to scrap the project.

Fast-forward to now, and the avalanche of promotional material for “Eclipse”. Even though this cartoon is only tenuously relevant anymore, I decided to finish it and throw it online anyway. The particular entry in the series may be out of date, but the theme of guys being sick of Twilight is eternal.

Jeeves and Wooster Animation Test

Over the course of transferring files from the old craptop to the Shiny, Beautiful New Macbook, I came across this animation test I did back during Christmas Break 2006 that I then promptly forgot about. I took a dialogue clip from the “World of Jeeves and Wooster” soundtrack, drew poor caricatures of Fry and Laurie, scanned them in and colored them in Photoshop, then put each moveable body part in a different layer in Premiere Elements. A lot of lessons were learned, but hey, not bad for a first attempt, right?

Posting that also led me to find this performance of a middle school orchestra, which is pretty much the greatest thing in the history of the universe.