Armchair Imagineering: The Nintendo Land They WON’T Build!

Long before Universal swooped up the rights, we had our own ideas…

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Dave Does PAX East 2011 – Make A Strip Condensed/Tabletop Land

Here’s the final two PAX East videos that I actually made any effort to edit! First up, a condensed look at what it was like to watch Gabe and Tycho make their strip in front of our eyes. Set to a song by The Who, because why not.

Next, Eric and I play a bunch of board and card games!


All that’s left is the footage from the Saturday night concerts, which is uploading now, although YouTube is being even slower than usual today. And after that, we’re done with PAX East footage and can finally move on to other things, like a list of my favorite salad dressings.

But look at me, still blogging when there’s Portal 2 to play.