Marian Call at the Orlando Geekeasy

Above is the very-nearly COMPLETE (sans one cover song omitted at the request of the performer) Marian Call concert from Leap Day, 2012! Recorded at A Comic Shop’s Geekeasy, featuring Scott Barkan on guitar, as well as one Barkan solo song.

If you don’t have 87 minutes to devote to wonderful music and delightful banter, shorter snippets with individual songs are located below: Continue reading

Paul and Storm in Orlando

On Friday, February 17, I attended a Paul and Storm concert at the Backbooth in downtown Orlando. It was the first time I’ve ever seen them on their own, with no Jonathan Coulton or w00tstockers. It was also probably the smallest crowd I’ve ever seen them with (and the dirtiest venue I’ve ever seen them in), but their show was just as hilarious and high-energy as ever.

Sadly, I didn’t have the battery life (or the arm stamina) to record the entire show, but I got quite a few choice moments below: Continue reading

The Weird Al Backstage Pass Story

He’s been a comedy hero of mine for ages. I had seen him twice in concert before, and met him once. But this was the first time he was slightly aware of who I was before meeting him. That’s the sort of thing that melts a fanboy’s brain.

On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Alpocalypse Tour led him to the hallowed halls of Hard Rock at Universal City Walk, right here in Orlando, Florida. Naturally, I was bound by the laws of geekery to attend. Really, it was out of my hands. Continue reading

Weird Al Concert 10/5/2011 – Highlights

What follows are the highlights from the show itself. Don’t forget to read the post about the evening as a whole.

  1. Typically, a Weird Al concert opens with a recording of “Fun Zone”, followed by a bit of channel-changing through random or strange clips, before landing on a montage of talk show hosts, starting with Johnny Carson, announcing Al’s name. For whatever reason, at this show the channel-changing happened about fifteen minutes before the show, but it was okay because it included Tommy Wiseau’s famous “You ah TEARING me APAHT, Lisa!” “Fun Zone” played at the normal time, but instead of the talk show montage, we got the Alpocalypse teaser.

Continue reading

PAX East Concert and Portal 2 Review

First thing’s first: Here’s the YouTube playlist for the PAX East 2011 Saturday Night Concert, featuring Video Game Orchestra, Paul and Storm, and Jonathan Coulton. A very fun, very late night.

Second: I finished the single player campaign of Portal 2 three days ago, shot this vlog two days ago, edited/rendered yesterday, and uploaded overnight. I try to talk about how much I liked the game without spoiling anything, which is harder than you may think.


Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

TGWTG U-Con Panel, as recorded by someone else

So, I said in the past that I was going to try and get my footage from Doug and Rob’s panel at U-Con together and post it in a few days…but after examining the footage, way too much of it is completely unusable. People keep standing in the way, I keep moving position, too much camera shake…yeah, about half of the footage is good, and that’s not enough for me to be satisfied.

And besides, YouTube user “osurpless”, who was sitting near us and we spent some time hanging out with waiting for our interviews, already posted his footage on YouTube, so really, there’s no point in me adding mine. So here’s his footage, with a few minor notes from me: Continue reading

General Zod at U-Con

I’m still working on my footage from Doug and Rob’s panel–I’m trying to mix the audio better, so there’s less discrepancy between the barely-audible questions, the moderately-audible responses, and the ear-piercingly loud laughter and applause–but in the meantime, Doug has uploaded the opening sketch from the panel to TGWTG. Behold!

You may notice me holding my homemade PVC camera mount in the corner of some of the crowd shots. This seems as good a time as any to apologize in advance for the bad filming when I upload my version of the panel–for some reason, I thought at first that handheld was the way to go, but then my arms got tired so I had to switch to the mini-tripod, but then people kept blocking the shot so I had to move the tripod around…yeah. Not one of my better videography jobs. But, hey, it was fun to be at the panel!

About last night…

Last night, I laughed as hard I’ve ever laughed before. My throat is still a little sore.

Last night, I took a three-hour both-ways car ride, and was coasting off of so much adrenaline and excitement that I didn’t even feel the usual traveller’s exhaustion.

Last night, I met a friend of mine in person for the first time.

Last night, I saw videos I had loved on YouTube, now projected onto a big screen with over a hundred other people laughing.

Last night, I saw people dressed in Halloween costumes I never thought I’d see. Costumes from The Guild, from The Legend of Neil, and more. Costumes that nobody in my neighborhood would recognize, but impressed me to no end.

Last night, I learned from a Mythbuster what it’s like to wear an official C-3P0 suit, and from another Mythbuster what it’s like to wear a fan-made Chewbacca suit. The latter was wearing said suit at the time.

Last night, I discovered a new favorite singer. I also helped her remember the words to “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”. Oh, and I may have fallen just a little bit in love with her.

Last night, I reenacted a scene from “The Room”, one of the most infamous movies of the decade, by dressing as Zombie Tommy Wiseau and tossing a football around with Paul Sabourin (of da Vinci’s Notebook/Paul and Storm), Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy (both of MST3K/RiffTrax). But more importantly, my costume seemed to amuse them. I brought a smile to the face of performers who have put countless on mine over the years. Even if they were just humoring me, it was an amazing feeling.

Last night, I won a free pass to PAX East, just because my costume happened to be zombie-related.

Last night was the best Halloween ever.

And THAT’S why you always go to w00tstock.

Zombie Wiseau and the Epic Photobomb Massacre, featuring Adam Savage, stage manager Liz “Dammit Liz” Smith, Paul and Storm, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. Pic by Zack DeRose.