A boy forever young, a mediocre song forever in your head, a high school drama team forever awesome.

In a shocking (not really) turn of events, a great deal of my spring break this past week was spent at the ol’ high school, CHS. Even more surprising (not really), this was directly connected to the performance of the spring musical. The most unexpected part of all (not really) (it’s so easy to convey sarcasm in a text-only format) (not really) was that I was one of the camera operators for the DVD of said play, there at each performance.

And what musical masterpiece was selected for this year? “Peter Pan”! But which of the 427 musicals based on the beloved children’s story was used? Apparently, the only one we could afford! Which, by coincidence, is the one nobody has ever heard of! Continue reading

When I buy you bathroom tissue, I always get the two-ply.

This morning, iTunes listeners were treated to Mr. Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new single, “Whatever You Like”, a parody of a song by some chap named T.I., which apparently is also called “Whatever You Like”. (It was supposed to be released for iTunes yesterday morning, but was delayed because apparently the iTunes staff is, according to one report, “gay”, “retarded”, and “a bunch of smelly doo-doo heads”. Continue reading