ConnectiCon 2013 Interviews: Doug Walker and Paul and Storm

Doug talks about why he wanted to make Demo Reel, bringing back the Nostalgia Critic, the future of the anniversary specials, and Channel Awesome’s next big show!

Paul and Storm talk LearningTown, their new album, their upcoming tour with Wil Wheaton, and the thrill of having a song featured in Despicable Me 2.

Revisit my 2011 interviews with Doug and Rob and with Paul and Storm!

Vlog: November 2012 General Life Update


Just where *have* I been, anyway? And where am I now?

Watch Some Jerk With A Camera’s Epcot video here!

Also, to help hold you off until the next Dave Does Disney…here’s something that happened at the Magic Kingdom shortly before Halloween.

EDIT 11/10/12:

It looks like I found a job! And more importantly, my employment status helped launch an epic, bizarre, hilarious Twitter conversation, which I’ve storified!