Post-July Check-In

Last month, I made a few resolutions for the month of July. Then things came up, and I got distracted, and didn’t exactly follow through on each goal to the extent I had hoped. But the whole reason I announced my goals publicly was to have accountability as a motivator, so I must tell you exactly where I am in each process.

1. Money raised for Florida – COMPLETED. – *cue Zelda “Item Get” music!* I got it raised in time to go to the conference in Colorado (which took up a lot of my time and prevented me from getting as far as I wanted on other projects, but I’m not complaining). I’m now home in Connecticut, getting ready to begin the drive to Florida on Friday. Bring it on!

2. Outlines for webshows – CONSIDERABLY LESS COMPLETED. Nick and I have taken notes on several of the subjects for the review show, and I’ve begun an actual draft of one of the reviews (which will probably be the season finale). As for the college club sitcom, I’ve been filling out the Storyfix worksheet for the season’s arc, but I still have a lot left to flesh out.

3. The Disney World Vlogs – Stay tuned…

24 Years, Little Motivation

WARNING: The post that follows is somewhat more personal in nature than those usually found in this blog, and contains very few obscure movie or television quotes. Sorry if this bores you.

As of this past Saturday, July 2, I am now 24 years old. Yes, the mid-twenties are here, and I celebrated the old fashioned way: by being a groomsman in my oldest friend’s wedding. It was an exhausting weekend, full of driving all over the state and forgetting how to sleep, but at least there were fireworks basically every night.

I got some great gifts, including a couple of seasons of The Dick Van Dyke Show from the family, and a retweet from one of my comedy idols of my review of his latest release. (I doubt he knew it was my birthday weekend when he retweeted, but I choose to categorize it as a gift anyway.)

In the two years since I graduated from college, I’m sad to say I’ve spent a lot of my time waiting around instead of doing things. Partially due to the nature of my job (raising money takes a long time), and partially out of laziness. Now, fortunately, my fundraising is almost done and I’ll be returning to Florida soon to work until the end of the year. But what about after that, when I’m left to my own devices again? I don’t want to just go back to waiting around. I’m sick of waiting. I need to actually get in the habit of creating. Continue reading