Films I Wrote, Directed, or Produced

“The Chronicles of Crockland: Journey of the Master Swordsman” (2007)
I co-wrote and co-directed this feature-length fantasy spoof with Mike Ortiz over the spring semester of my sophomore year of college, a scant few months after we made “Paranoia: The Movie”. We…made a lot of mistakes. We paid no attention to exposure, focus, lighting, etc, and occasionally didn’t even notice that the boom mic wasn’t recording. Let’s just say we were too concerned with getting the shoot done quickly, and didn’t give ourselves a chance to familiarize ourselves with the equipment we were using or check back the footage before closing down shop. As a result, there was a lot of tweaking and manipulation during the edit, and though we had an on-campus premiere during our junior year, the film never got to a point that we were comfortable releasing to the general public. Still, while there are a million things I would do differently given the chance, I’m still fond of this film. I think it has a lot of genuinely funny bits, and if nothing else, it was an extremely necessary learning experience.

“Paranoia: The Movie” (2007)
I co-produced this student film which was written and directed by Mike Ortiz, a zombie comedy shot during a few weekends in January and premiered on campus the day before Valentine’s Day.
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“Road to Success: The Jesse Thomas Story” (2003)
I was a junior in high school when I co-directed this short for the National Film Challenge. On Friday Evening, we received our assignment–a mockumentary, including a success coach named Jesse Thomas, a bicycle, and the line “Can’t You See I’m Working Here”. We brainstormed ideas Friday night, I took the PSAT Saturday morning, and then Zack DeRose and Dave Clark came over Saturday afternoon, and we filmed well through the evening. I spent all Sunday editing, and we sent it in. Didn’t win anything, but it was a lot of fun, and while it’s obviously very dated now, there’s still a lot in there that I’m proud of.

Films I Contributed To

“Paper Turtle” (2010)
Yet another Jon Stutzman short, this one was written and directed while he was going for a graduate degree at Temple University. I happened to be visiting Philadelphia during a week that two of the shoot dates fell on, so I gave him a hand.
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“Blau Blume” (2009)
Another Jon Stutzman project. I only helped out in the smallest of ways behind the scenes, but you may notice my performance as one of the dead soldiers. (If you have trouble picking me out, just look for my hair. It’s unmistakeable.)
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“Prism” (2008)
My good friend Jon Stutzman was making this experimental romantic comedy short for a screen directing class we were both taking. I volunteered to get up early and operate the camera for the climactic final scene.
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