Support the Nonsense!

Welcome to the support page! Here's where I tell you how you can financially support my future projects!

The most helpful thing you can do is PLEDGE TO MY PATREON! Choose a dollar amount to pledge per scripted video! And you can set your own maximum each month, so you really can help for as low as a single dollar each month! And my Patreon is loaded with EXCLUSIVE bonus content you can't find anywhere else!

"But Dave," you ask, "I can't commit to a RECURRING act of financial support! How can I give you just a single one-time influx of capital?"

Well, you can make a one-time donation through my Ko-fi page! Every little bit helps, after all!

You can also BUY SOMETHING in the Gift Shop! I'll be adding new merch to my TeePublic store frequently, so check it out!

(Also my dear friend Morgan Funder sells the "I Agree With Dave" shirt she designed for me. I don't get a cut when you purchase that, but you should anyway because I like it and Morgan deserves your money too!)

"But Dave," you ask again, "I want to know EXACTLY where my money is going! How do I make sure my support actually goes toward future productions, and not frivolities like student loan bills and credit card debt?"

Then you can head over to our AMAZON WISH LIST! The list includes several things we need to continue future production! We always need more SD cards and hard drives, so you can rest assured that anything you purchase for us on the wish list WILL be used to produce more of our nonsense!

Also, full disclosure, that link to the wish list was an affiliate link, so if you want to just buy YOURSELF stuff on Amazon, why not use an affiliate link just like it? Then a tiny percentage of your purchase will go to us, at no additional cost to you!

We'll update this page with more ways to support us as they become available!