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Dave Does Disney
In 2010, I spent a few months living in Florida. It was then that I, a longtime Disneyland fan, visited the Walt Disney World resort for the first time, and I had opinions. Oh, man, did I ever.
Originally intended to just be a single video of me goofing off and cracking wise at a few Disney parks, this slowly evolved into a multi-episode in-depth series on each of Disney’s Florida parks, which I analyzed, riffed, discussed history of, and compared to their California counterparts.
Of course, then I took forever to edit the episodes, and then a hard drive died, so I resumed the series when I returned to Florida in 2011-2012. And it’s STILL GOING ON.
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Zombie Blogs
I was one of the writers on this show when I worked at Broken Phonebooth Productions. The six-part series chronicles the tales of Jordan, a young man who comes back to life after a tragic car crash. Unlike the zombies currently overrunning Miami, he believes himself to be human and wants to return to being fully alive, but there may be too much pressure to give into zombification.
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The Guild
I was already a huge fan of The Guild when I was blessed with the opportunity to intern with the lighting crew for season 3. It was my first Hollywood job, and a fantastic experience.
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