TGWTG U-Con Panel, as recorded by someone else

So, I said in the past that I was going to try and get my footage from Doug and Rob’s panel at U-Con together and post it in a few days…but after examining the footage, way too much of it is completely unusable. People keep standing in the way, I keep moving position, too much camera shake…yeah, about half of the footage is good, and that’s not enough for me to be satisfied.

And besides, YouTube user “osurpless”, who was sitting near us and we spent some time hanging out with waiting for our interviews, already posted his footage on YouTube, so really, there’s no point in me adding mine. So here’s his footage, with a few minor notes from me: Continue reading

General Zod at U-Con

I’m still working on my footage from Doug and Rob’s panel–I’m trying to mix the audio better, so there’s less discrepancy between the barely-audible questions, the moderately-audible responses, and the ear-piercingly loud laughter and applause–but in the meantime, Doug has uploaded the opening sketch from the panel to TGWTG. Behold!

You may notice me holding my homemade PVC camera mount in the corner of some of the crowd shots. This seems as good a time as any to apologize in advance for the bad filming when I upload my version of the panel–for some reason, I thought at first that handheld was the way to go, but then my arms got tired so I had to switch to the mini-tripod, but then people kept blocking the shot so I had to move the tripod around…yeah. Not one of my better videography jobs. But, hey, it was fun to be at the panel!

Interview: Doug and Rob Walker from


Here it is, my interview with That Guy With The Glasses himself, Doug Walker, and The Other Guy, Rob Walker. They were remarkably nice–I was one of at least four people who waited around to get a video with Doug after the several-hour-long autograph signing, and he accommodated every one of us.

This was my first time doing an interview like this, and I probably could have done a better job–I forgot a few of my questions (though I dropped a few that were answered during their panel), and I sometimes struggled to keep up with their improv banter (I would sit back and be entertained, before remembering that I was supposed to say stuff too), but this was still a blast, and I’m very grateful to Doug and Rob for giving me their time.

As expected, this interview contains some swearing and some jokes that you may not find appropriate, so I decided to also provide a “clean” version. Because I care.